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Imagine, if you will, a world free from the aesthetically challenged!!

A world where the streets are not filled with the unsightly rabble of advertisements yelling and screaming in garish colours, bad photography and awkward typography, yet you find yourself emmersed in the visually simulating, the interesting, the inciteful.

With every sweep of your vision your eyes are soothed by well thought out colour schemes, advertisements that gently inform and logos that inspire...

Well, this world can be a reality with the help of the worlds designers!!

There are many companies, organisations and individuals who have taken it upon themselves to attempt to bring this dream to fruition, and we see their contributions.

Apple with their brightly coloured iPod's and sleek iPhone's, Graffiti artists who colour our world (not those who scrawl drivel purely to offend), and Adbusters who use the same psychological principles as advertising to inform, rather than entrance.

They are out there, the graphic designers who want to instill change, the web designers pushing the boundaries and the industrial designers moulding new realities out of mundane materials.

We are here, and the world will be beautiful!

Come, join us, help make fill the bland with love, transform the drab into paradise and help make people feel alive once more!!


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